Randwick DRUFC Council Notices

At the meeting of the Club Council on the 22nd May 2019, Adam Freier resigned his position as a member of the Council.

The Secretary calls for nominations from qualified members to fill the casual vacancy on the Council created by the resignation of Adam.

The casual vacancy will be filled by the Council at its next meeting on the 19th June 2019.

Send your nominations to

R.D.R.U.F.C Council


Bob Dwyer


Frank Back


Ian Bonnette

Committee members

Stuart Brown

Stuart Rutherford

Simon Poidevin

Pieter Englebrecht

Ian Kellaway

Richard Carmont

Brian O'Sullivan

Ben McCormack

Life Members Representative

Ian Kennedy


Jeffrey Sayle

R.D.R.U.F.C Annual Reports

For all other years not listed, please contact the Club here.