Life Members

The following information is supplied for the benefit and interest of players, officials and members. Each entry is accompanied by a citation which spells out the criteria on which each award is based and a brief statement of the process by which each award is determined.

Honorary Life Member^

The guidelines for the consideration and the recommendation as a Member worthy for election as a Life Member of the Club shall be:

(a) the nominee must have had a lengthy and distinguished career at the Club either as a player, coach, manager, volunteer worker or Council Member;

(b) the nominee must have made a considerable contribution to the game of Rugby at the Club;

(c) the nominee must have enhanced their personal reputation and the ethos of the Club through their ability, endeavour, sportsmanship and courage;

(d) the nominee must have accrued ten (10) points before consideration;

(e) criteria points shall be allocated in the following manner:

  • fifty (50) First Grade games for the Club 2 points
  • one hundred (100) First Grade games for the Club 4 points
  • two hundred (200) games for the Club 4 points
  • one hundred (100) games for the Club 2 points
  • twenty-five (25) Colt games for the Club 1 point
  • fifty (50) Super Rugby games inclusive while a registered Randwick Club player 2 points
  • selected in twenty (25) Tests for Australia while a registered Randwick Club player 2 points
  • coach Super Rugby in Australia for each year 2 points
  • coach Australia (Wallabies) for each year 2 points
  • performing the role of Coach for the Club for each year 1 point
  • performing the role of Team Manager for each year 1 point
  • service to the Club or service to the Council for each service year 1 point

Elected Life Members prior to 1947

HW Baker* 1931 MM Atkins* 1941

JM Dunningham* 1931 CH Towers* 1942

NE Eglese* 1931 CR Davidson* 1942

LB Callaghan* 1932 JRL Palfreyman* 1945

JA Rigney* 1932 EK Dobbs* 1945

FW Meagher* 1937

Life Members Elected 1947-1969

JF Lane* 1950 FC Thornley* 1958

V Ford* 1951 HJC Kahl* 1961

W Rowney* 1958 J O'Shea* 1965

Life Members Elected 1970-1979

KS Windon* 1970

JJ Hovey* 1975

H Stephen* 1974

R Outterside 1976

DC Furness* 1975

RW Meagher* 1979

Life Members Elected 1980-2010

JM McCulloch* 1982

KAP Phibbs 1998

RSF Dwyer 1983

Sir Nicholas Shehadie* 1998

JL Sayle* 1985

LW Argue* 2001

PK Court 1986

JB Casamento 2001

IM Kennedy 1989

TW Reid 2001*

PM Willcox 1991

JR Murray 2005*

JM Maxwell 1993

RJ Willey 2005

J Cotis* 1994

G Karras 2007

AA Gaffney 1994

P Antoniades 2008

WT Outterside* 1994

TG Evans 2008

DE Henry 1997

DC Long 2010

W Hope 1997

V Singer 1997

CJ Windon* 1997

Life Members Elected 2011 to now

WA Wheeler 2011

AD James 2011

DP Habler 2012

D Eggins 2014

T McMahon* 2014

S Poidevin 2014

P Raftos 2015

J Dubos 2016

R Curtis 2016

SA Wheeler 2017

M Giachieri 2017

J Picone 2018

J Tuxworth 2018

M Cheika 2020

E Jones 2020

I Bonnette 2020

*Denotes Deceased Life Members

^The above guidelines can be found in By-law 6 of the Club’s By-laws. The Life Members Association must vet and make recommendations to the Council of members considered worthy for election as a Life Member pursuant to Rule 5(4) of the Club Rules. This Rule refers to the power of the Club to elect Honorary Life Members. The Association is aided by its own Awards Subcommittee which carries out preparatory work and reviews nominees for consideration as Life Members. The Subcommittee, where possible, makes its recommendations to the Life Members Association which, in turn, forwards its advice to the Randwick Rugby Council. The Council then decides, based on a three fourths majority vote of Councillors, which names, if any, are put to the Annual General Meeting for election by Members where, again, a three-fourths majority is required by secret ballot.

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