Player Accommodation & Employment Request

4 years ago

Help is needed with Player Accommodation and Employment for the 2020 Season.

An enormous amount of off-field effort and pastoral care for players is required in the modern game for us to be competitive at club level. So any assistance from our supporter network across any of the following areas would be greatly appreciated:

  • Accommodation options for new players from the country or interstate.
  • Employment opportunities in any field, either part-time of full-time.
  • Apprenticeships sought, particularly in the plumbing, carpentry and electrical trades.
  • Uni Graduates looking to break into the corporate world i.e. in finance, marketing, business, construction areas etc.

Therefore if you have a spare room or apartment free, or alternatively if you own, manage or are involved in a rugby friendly business that could employ our players, we would be eternally grateful and love to hear from you.

If you could help, please directly contact Peter Dumbleton our Colts Director via email in the first instance or phone 0420 585 719.

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